Throat singing

Breathing, voice meditation and overtones

weekend workshop

16 - 17 March in Tenerife

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Learn throat singing

No vocal pains

Breathe with belly

Have you always been interested in Mongolian singing? I will show you how to do it. Finally, you'll be singing with the right technique.

I'll teach you what the vocal cords like. Water, sleep and open neck. And thanks to Tibet's murmur, you quickly release your tired voice.

Everyone knows that diaphragm breathing is the basis. Thanks to it, you learn to sing straight, healthy and release the stress.

Three different vocals

We train three kinds of singing: classic, Tibetan mumble and Mongolian kargyyra. Each of these vocals can be used as a basis for overtone singing.

Discover your tones

Meditate by singing

You will hear and recognize overtones in your voice, whether thanks to amplification, echo, background, or visual display of the spectrum of your voice.

We will learn how to easily sing tones and mantras for hours on end. Common singing makes us beautiful.

Tenerife, Canary islands

weekend of 16 and 17 March, 2019

Saturday 10.00 - 14.00 beginner starting workshop)

Saturday 16.00 - 20.00 continuing workshop)

Sunday 10.00 - 14.00 continuing workshop)

El Sueño de Mamá

Camino Julián Rodriguez 4 El Lomo, 38292 Tegueste, Canarias, Spain


Lucy Grohmann

professional worker

I rate the course positively. I can also recommend to all those who are afraid to sing or think they can not sing. All fears and traps dissolve like a cube of ice :-)


Dalibor is a great lecturer, he has a well organized course on both the content and the practical side. In addition, we all enjoyed the first fun of exercises with our breath and voice. I felt like I was in a theater full of actors :-)

Milan Horniecky


The course was excellent. Meeting with other participants, trying together, singing together - it's a far higher level of learning than trying to self-test how do people from Tuva do?

The course has redirected me to the better view that it is useful to practice breathing, the basic forms of aliquot singing - for health, for joy. And of course a few good advice on how to do it right.

The lecturer was excellent. Very suit me.

Vendula Markova


It was an amazing and very inspiring course! What I have experienced there has never been experienced before. I got to the deep state of meditation at my lesson.

It gave me an unforgettable experience. Also, the overtone touched my heart, I would definitely like to develop this technique in the future.

Laura Ecsi


I'm excited, and it still keeps enthusiasm. I took the recommendation to practice, practice and practice, and I begin to look at my progress - and I'm looking forward to another course!


Dalibor has a wonderful human approach - thank you for helping me find my voice and the overtones.

Jan Bílý


Dalibor could be ideal for many teachers. First of all, I appreciated his strong voice, which kept me awake in vigilance.

Květa Hurtáková


I searched overtone singing lessons and the first thing I found was Dalibor.

And my impression of him? Relaxation and immediacy, lightening and joy of what he does - which, of course, was transmitted to others.

It's great to see a man who has an open mind, he can teach such a diverse pool of people with a look and a super-positive positive mood.

The mnemonic tools of imagination were perfect for me - I quickly understood what he wanted me to do.

What all you get?

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  •  eBook The Fellowship of the diaphragm with voice and breathing techniques for free

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